Table of Contents


Black Swan Ghosts: A sociologist encounters witnesses to unexplained aerial craft, their occupants, and other elements of the multiverse (Mount Baldy Press, Inc., 2017) ISBN 0971586322

Table of Contents


—The Social Danger Zone

Chapter One—The Robertson Panel

Chapter Two—The Citizen Hearing: “Embedded in a shell of silence”

Chapter Three—My childhood encounter with unexplained aerial craft
—Witnesses at Farsight
—Brilliant Blue Object
—Triangle over Laughlin, NV
—Yet Another Flying Triangle

Chapter Four—The idea of locality in modern science

Chapter Five—Black Swan Ghosts
—Social Blindness
—The Boulder Flood of 2013
—The Day after Disclosure
—Fall of the Berlin Wall

Chapter Six—Conspiracies of silence
—The Structure of Secrecy

Chapter Seven—Peter: Unexplained sighting of object and humanoid, strange phone call, and contact with a mysterious UFO organization

Chapter Eight—Louise: Huckleberries, flying disc, and U.S. military response

Chapter Nine—Joy French: Vehicle stalls and radio stops, strange luminosity, missing time with friend

Chapter Ten—Retired police officer sees extremely bright object and has sighting of a “spaceman”

Chapter Eleven—Franco and the glowing disc over Wonderland Lake

Chapter Twelve—Cold Fusion: “Junk science” or breakthrough energy technology?

Chapter Thirteen—Paul and Sonya at Silbury Hill: threes lights move towards them over a field, condense into one ball of light with second witness

Chapter Fourteen—The costs of denial

Chapter Fifteen—Lyn Buchanan and the alien control panel

Chapter Sixteen—Woman and mother see Hudson Valley Triangle

Chapter Seventeen—Dr. Richard Hoover: extraterrestrial fossils and NASA’s suppression of evidence; Anomalous Skylab photos; Very large flying disc over Soviet missile site causes launch sequence initiation
—Skylab Incident and Subsequent Cover-up of Photos
—Missile Launch Sequence Initiated by Flying Disc

Chapter Eighteen—Pilot’s sighting during routine radar calibration; Anomalous objects encountered by B-52s over Soviet border area during Cold War
—Unidentified Craft From Space Approach and Disrupt B-52 Convoy during Six-Day War

Chapter Nineteen—Aerospace engineer is asked to reverse engineer unidentified nanomaterials

Chapter Twenty—Jan: father who flew Roswell wreckage with armed guard to Wright Patterson Air Base

Chapter Twenty-One—John: Daylight sighting of bronze disc; Attempted shoot down of “Off-World Craft” over Lake Superior with loss of pilots and planes

Chapter Twenty-Two—Teri: Aerial object with burn marks on ground; attended “secret school” during kindergarten
—Teri’s Secret school

Chapter Twenty-Three—Betsy and the flying disc with military jets in pursuit

Chapter Twenty-Four—The price of silence
—Opening Pandora’s Box
—Cultural Lag and Future Shock

Chapter Twenty-Five—Our multidimensional universe

Chapter Twenty-Six—You can hear a pin drop


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